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Window Tinting and other services we offer

  • We are experts in window tinting services for your automobile

We can also take care of your glass tinting needs for your home, office, RV or boat



  • Ask us how we can help you

    Reduce the heat Decrease hazardous and annoying glare Slow fading and deterioration  Attain added privacy Gain accident and shatter resistance Improve aesthetics

  • How does window tinting benefit your everyday life?

    Tinted or filmed glass takes the brunt of the force from the sun so you, your family and your valuables don't have to Professional quality solar control film will keep you comfortable by helping to regulate and condition your environment All applied window film adds the benefit of holding glass together in the event of an accident, nature or vandalism

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Enjoy Comfort and Relax in Stlye

Your air conditioner will thank you because it will work much less to provide you with a comfortable environment and in the mean time your windows will simply look more elegant and robust instead of clear and bland.


What makes WFR Member Installation Shops Unique?


  • All of our participating members actually care about your experience and the service they provide.
  • WFR is a member run organization that brings some of the best and brightest minds of our industry together!
  • Each member actively participates in open forum discussion with members across the globe. All members have access to a plethora of window tint related knowledge.
  • Everyone in our network contributes both monetarily and with their time.

We at WFR pride ourselves on the unity we have spearheaded in our industry and the positive strides we continue to make in building better relationships between Industry Suppliers, Installers and YOU, our customer and  our most valued asset!

All of us place high value on helping our Community, Friends, Customers and most importantly our Family.

If you could define WFR in one word it would be Family!

Come join us and find out what it means to be part of the Window Film Revolution Family!

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