Tint Tools, Software, Non-Film Suppliers

$2,000.00 / month

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Benefits of joining our Supplier Network

As a supplier we understand that you have a family and those that work for you have families. It takes revenue to pay bills. Our first goal at WFR is to provide an atmosphere that is great for our installers and shop owners. Our next goal is to ensure that our suplliers have a great expierience interacting and engaging with  other members.

With those things said, we want our supplier partners to get a great Return On Investment with WFR. When you pay and become a WFR partner you will get the priveledge of being able to engage on our FB platforms, have your logo up on the group board and you will also have your logo represented on our website! The return on investment that your company receives will DEPEND ON YOUR ACTIVITY in WFR. What i mean to say is that if you are expecting the logos alone to bring you a major return, you will be dissapointed.

We hope and expext that you are active and engaged on our platforms.

For more specific info concerning potentially coming on as an affilliate partner please contact me direct at :


Rick Tallman

please text first and i will be quick to respond and get back with you!


2022 WFR Industry Supplier Partnership Rates

Tint tools, software, non film suppliers - $2000

a.includes access to promote and engage on Window Film Revolution FB group

  1. includes logo placement on our FB group page, our website and other potential WFR platforms
  2. includes logo placement on all co branded giveaways, including tanks, shirts, flags etc ( all partner logos together)