Installer Network Membership

$125.00 / year


How can you help support the window film industry while also helping yourself and your own company?

The answer is easy! Join The WFR NETWORK!

Our network is made up of our multiple FB groups such as WINDOW FILM REVOLUTION, WFR NETWORK, WFR FOR MY CAR and R.A.D.A.R. ( and of course this website is part of the network)

This network will consist of multiple WFR owned websites as well.

Our FB groups are:

  1. WINDOW FILM REVOLUTION is just for our industry installers, shop owners  industry suppliers and those that are in a related field wishing to get into our industry. We do giveaways and promotions throughout the year.  It is FREE to join WINDOW FILM REVOLUTION and you will have access to thousands of other people in our field just like you!
  2. WFR FOR MY CAR is our FB group made solely for the benefit of our most treasured commodity, our customers! If you join WFR Network you will be eligible to be a contributing member on WFR FOR MY CAR and you will be able to provide answers to customers! WFR FOR MY CAR is completely free to all interested in learning about window tinting and films.
  3. WFR NETWORK is our FB group that is just for our paying members only. We will generally speak more open and freely in this group because everyone in the group is purpose driven and directly invested in the health of WFR as a whole as well as our window film industry as a complete whole. We will be doing exclusive giveaways and promotions here as well.
  4. R.A.D.A.R. is our Governing Body for all things WFR, this group is limited to a few members that want to go above and beyond just being a part of WFR. This group is for those that are willing to go the extra mile for our community.

To be considered to be part of this extremely exclusive group you must first meet a few requirements.

  • You can NOT be an admin or moderator for any other major competing FB group
  • You must be a paying member of WFR NETWORK
  • You must be in and remain in the TOP 50 Contributors to WINDOW FILM REVOLUTION

If you are an installer that works at a shop you can join our network for $125 a year!

You will gain access to our exclusive FB group WFR NETWORK and be eligible for even more giveaways and/or promotions , if you are in the United States you will also receive some goodies that only members can get! We will also continue to look for ways to add value to this membership both for our U.S. members as well as our out of country members.

If you are a shop owner, this is a no brainer decision for you. Shop membership is $125 per month.

For shop owners you will get listed on our shop locator and you will also get your own page on our website. If you are in the U.S. you will also receive exclusive goodies throughout the year such as WFR merchandise, awards, plaques and other items we find useful and helpful to a shop owner.

The major benefit of joining as a shop owner is that WFR is purpose built to help you locally in SEO, especially local seo searches that show up in the organic sections.

If you do not have a website currently, or if you just want to turbo charge your web presence,  then you have found the right place! Please join and allow the power of our network website work for you! As a business owner this is one of the very first and most crucial things you need to do to get recognized by potential customers and clients. At WFR we have collectively joined forces to bring you a value that far exceeds what any one of us can practically do individually.

Help build our industry today!

2022 WFR Installer and Shop Owner Partnership Rates

Installer ( non shop owner ) - $125 per year

  • Includes membership certificate
  • includes swag such as WFR shirt and hat
  • includes membership to our exclusive members only WFR NETWORK
  • includes bio on our website
  • includes eligibility for giveaways on WFR NETWORK