This is 16 inches in length very similar to other bottom loading tools, however it is different as in it is much lighter because it is made of aluminum.

You simply slide this behind door seals to assist in bottom loading film. Many professional tinters that top load enjoy this product as well.

This is the same material that you would see for higher end sign work and if you have ever traveled the roadway system you have certainly seen enclosed utility trailers that are also built with this material. This is used in race cars as well due to the combination of strength and low weight.

Very durable, eye catching and should last for years with proper care and maintenance.

All corners are rounded.

Comes in two colors: orange or green.

THREE NEW COLORS AVAILABLE! YELLOW, RED AND BLUE! Pics will be made available soon!

As with most tint tools, it will be necessary to take care not to scratch or damage glass or film while using this tool. it is highly recommended to keep this tool clean and well kept.

In a professional pair of hands this tool can help make bottom loading much easier. This tool is not recommended for novice tinters.

Again, these are made from metal which can and will scratch film and glass if used improperly.

If you are unsure if this tool is right for you, do not purchase it or you can apply either ppf or slide tape along the edges that come in contact with film, glass or door panels.

More information can be found about this tool and how to properly use this tool on the Facebook group Window Film Revolution. Contact Rick Tallman..

Youtube video link:

Youtube video link: