WFR Stealth


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Roughly 6' feet long, hand-made, water and moisture absorbent, excellent tool for catching slip solution run off at the bottom of windshields and rear windows as well. The prime use of this tool is to protect expensive electronic components found in today's newer automobiles. One size that fits most possible uses and applications. This tool will easily slip in between the glass and seals of most windshields etc. Made of polyester and acrylic microfiber type material.

Super sleek design that simply works.

We have machine washed and dried a few of these that we use here at the shop and haven't had any problems. I personally prefer to just rinse them, wring them out and let them hang up overnight to dry.

The pictures are representative of the material itself and not necessarily the specific color you will receive. The rope you get will look like this or possibly be other combinations of WFR colors. This is due quite simply to limited supplies of the materials these are constructed from.