Welcome to the window film industry! On behalf of all our contributing members we just want to say thank you to our most prized and value person., YOU! Our customer!

WFR FOR MY CAR is a FB group under the umbrella of Window Film Revolution!

We decided to make a seperate group just for our customers to ask questions and give us feedback on how we can further improve our relation with you.

Please use the link to join our group!

Ask questions about window film and different services.

WFR FOR MY CAR is administered and moderated by some of the top professionals in our field literally across the globe!

It cost nothing to join and we are ready to help you with any issues you may have!

We can give you advice on legal limits of window film in your area, we can give you sound advice on different window film types such as dyed, ceramic, mettallized and hybrid films.

Window film can help keep you safe from accidents by holding your glass together in case of breakage.

High quality window tint can help protect your valuables from harmful and damaging UV rays.

Stopping those harmful rays from the sun can help protect your skin! In fact almost all window films have an SPF equivalent of over 1000!

Professional quality window film, especially high heat rejection ceramic and IR blocking films will help keep you comfortable, cool and smiling even on the hottest days!

Window tint will also add much wanted layer of privacy! No one wants to be stared at in the traffic especially if you are eating, picking your nose or putting your makeup on during your daily commute!

Please feel free and welcome to come find out even more at WFR FOR MY CAR!

Come join us today!